Integrations with Kirby -- how do they work?

Looking at Kirby and have a couple questions. For context, I’ve mainly been using WP for 10+ years but am intrigued by Kirby. I’ve perused the docs, looked at the plugins, and read some forum topics. Still have a lot to digest, but had a couple quick questions:

  1. Can you install Google Analytics, HotJar, Google Tag Manager and other external scripts? Looked around in the plugin section and didn’t see anything for those.

  2. What are the best/most compatible methods for A/B testing with Kirby?

  3. Is there a showcase that shows other websites built w/ Kirby?

  4. Is there an active user group, aside from Github and the forum? (for example, a FB group)


Hey, welcome to the forum.

Yes, you can install anything just like you would on a static HTML page.

See also plugins:

There’a a cookbook recipe and a plugin.

Sure: and here on the forum: Made with Kirby and <3

We also publish a monthly newsletter, Kirby Kosmos, with all the news around Kirby and the web, including example websites made with Kirby.

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Thanks, @texnixe!

I saw a couple SEO-related plugins… (robots.txt, XML sitemap, etc) How are other SEO-related options handled? For example, setting meta descriptions, page titles, H-tags, alt-images, etc.

This is best done through specific fields (or entire tabs) in your blueprints.

It’s important to understand that the philosophy behind Kirby is completely different from WP. It’s more creating your own custom solution than a plug & play thingy. You can totally customise the admin backend and of course the frontend is your playground as well. Make it standard HTML/PHP templates, or use the REST API to use it as a headless CMS.

If you are used to installing hundreds of plugins, then you have to relearn… :wink:

But were are here to get you going any time. Small community, but all friendly.

What is your motivation behind trying out Kirby?

Mainly I’ll be inheriting this as a client site. I’ve loved WP, but am open to other platforms. My biggest fear is easy integrations, as I’m far from a developer/coder.

For example, I can setup A/B tests in wordpress in less than 60 seconds (literally… I’ve time it). Whereas it looks like doing something like that in Kirby may be much more time-consuming, especially for a newbie.

Hm, isn’t his asking the same question again: Setting up Kirby the right way?

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