Live chat platform integration

Hi all - Bit of a long-shot but I’ve recently had a couple of clients express interest in live chat functionality on their sites where they can control a variety of features such as canned responses. There are a few SaaS products out there doing this such as Rocketchat and I was wondering if anyone knows of an existing kirby integration or project that I’ve missed with a platform like this?

Many thanks!

Most of these things are simply a javascript include. I’ve used a couple, and never had to do more tham add a provided javascript code to a snippet, and add that to any template that you need it on.

Edit: sorry… i thought you were talking about chatbots! Looks like RocketChat can either run on their cloud, or self hosted subdomain. I’m not sure what you mean by integrating that with Kirby? It’s a standalone thing.

That’s what I think as well. There’s also stuff like this:

You install that on your server, then include the snippet the admin panels provide in your website and you are good to go.

Might be that some of these solutions provide an API to customize the settings, but more often than not I would expect that to be done on the client side rather than server side?

But to answer your question if there are any integrations for Kirby: not any I know of.

Thanks so much for replies both, and apologies for late response of mine. Yes what I was looking into were chat platforms like the ones given rather than simple popup live support plugins. Previously on platforms like joomla and wordpress I’ve seen integrations which include chat bots / rooms etc and just wondered if any were knocking about for kirby. Not a problem though, doesn’t hurt to ask before attempting to reinvent the wheel!