Setting up Kirby the right way

Hi all!

I’ll likely be inheriting a Kirby site soon that is still under development, but I may be consulting with the developers during the stages of redesign.

Full disclosure: totally new to Kirby. Primarily been working w/ Wordpress the last 10+ years, so adjusting. I’m trying to figure out everything I should be asking to be done on the frontend that I may normally take for granted with WP builds. So my question is:

  • What’s the optimal fresh build for a Kirby site vs. an out-of-the-box, fresh install?

For example, do you have to do custom/extra work to have:

  1. Google Analytics capabilities
  2. Easy meta description updates
  3. Easy H1-H6 tagging
  4. Google tag manager capabilities
  5. Google optimize capabilities

Again, sorry for the newbie question. Still reading up on all documentation.