Blog Plugins Compatible with Kirby

What blogs or plugins do you use that are friendly with Kirby? I’m more on the content side of the website and we’re looking to implement a blog to increase SEO.

Do you want to create the blog with Kirby and are looking for some ready to use templates that make it easier or are you rather looking for some sort of external solution that has nothing to do with Kirby (like “Add Wordpress as a blog to Kirby”)?

I assume you are on Kirby 2?

Create a blog with Kirby with something easy to use since that’s the only thing I will be doing on the website. I looked into using WordPress since I’m familiar with their platform but it doesn’t seem to have many options for plugins that are compatible with Kirby. Yes, we are on Kirby 2.

I think there are several options:

  1. You stick with Kirby for everything and create the blueprints/templates etc. needed for the blog, using a blog theme or something like that as a basis that you can adapt to your current website styling (requires coding, if you can’t do that yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you).

  2. You add Wordpress or whatever other platform to a subfolder or subdomain, using a theme of your choice. Then you link to the blog from your website’s navigation. If you want to make it look like your current website, you will probably have to do some coding as well.

  3. You use a third party service like Medium and pull articles into your website (requires some coding)

You’ll have to do that via RSS now. They closed the JSON feeds not long ago. They really want people to stay on medium and not outsource the content. :frowning: There is an RSS guide for Kirby 3 - im not sure if that will still fly with K2.

I know, I wrote the guide for Kirby 3 (in the context of virtual pages). Virtual pages won’t work for Kirby 2, but you can still use that to pull in content.

Personally, I woudn’t want my content on Medium, you never know if you’ll ever get it out again. Better own your stuff.

I know, I think it was me that asked for it :slight_smile: But i dont suppose it’s terribly hard with K2. RSS is fairly simple in structure.

I concur. Personally I would do it all in Kirby, without a third party.

Me too. But if you don’t want to code, then that’ll be a bit difficult. Having said that, I don’t really know how you could possibly add a blog to your site without any coding at all. Something like blog on Twitter and all you need to do is include a JavaScript snippet on your site, only for a blog.

Well… I’m so old i remember tumblr. Which is still a thing, and they still do JSON (which would require some coding to bring into Kirby).

But, in the long run, you’ll still be better off spending a bit of time doing it properly and natively in Kirby.

Yes, Tumblr is still around, you can add your own domain for free. Do people have to sign up to read content? It’s getting more and more limited on Medium and they try to nag you into signing up which is a no-no imo for your content.

And I wonder what these platforms do for SEO on your own site.

Never depend on a service if you can help it.

For Kirby 2, there was this sort of plugin:, quite old, but it could be a starting point.

No… they push that on the tumblr home page, but theres a search box uptop. And if you find a Tumblr blog in a google search result, you get straight to it without signing up, no nagging. They are not as militant as Medium.