Import all blog post from Wordpress to Kirby

Hello everyone, i’m a new user of Kirby and i have a very important question for know if i should use Kirby or not in this case.

Is there a smart way to import all blog posts from wordpress to Kirby?

Thanks for any help

Technically yes, but depending on how complicated your blog posts are the exported files probably won’t be perfect. The exporters are also more difficult to configure and use than a typical WordPress plugin.

The original exporter mentioned in Kirby’s docs might (?) still work with the current version of Kirby, but images won’t be exported.

Last year Sally Jenkinson created an exporter that appears to be better and exports images, but I haven’t tested it.

If you decide to try one of these exporters be sure to back up your entire WordPress site first and follow their directions closely. If you only have a few dozen blog posts it may be worth it to just recreate them manually to ensure that they’re perfect and learn Kirby’s syntax while doing so.

@Thomasorus is currently working on adapting the Sally Jenkinson script for Kirby: Help needed to finish a Wordpress to Kirby migration script