Incomplete translation of panel to Spanish


I’ve found out that there are many crucial aspects of the panel that are not translated to Spanish (when you select Spanish as user lang, that is)

Is this a bug ? I am a bit surprised to see things like the visibility menu only partially translated. Spanish is afaik, among the most spoken langs in the world.

Do you need a hand?


We handle translations via Transifex. For Spanish it gives me 81.26% complete, so there is room for improvement.

It would be great if you feel like creating an account and add the missing translations :heart_eyes:

Ok, I’ve joined Transifex and sent a join request for the panel project on kirby org, please let me in :smiley:


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You can also make suggestions for already translated strings if you feel the existing translation is not quite exact.

Muchas gracias!

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@texnixe I see some inconsistent translations. Such as:

Change your name -> Cambia tu nombre
Delete your account -> BorraR tu cuenta

… please note capitalized “R” in “Borrar”, that means the verb is infinitive, which is standard in Spanish for this cases, for example in Google or Instagram UI.

Should I make a suggestion in those, as you say ?


Yes, please. The capitalized R is definitely a typo, and of course, the strings should be consistent and not like this

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 19.46.05

I see the capitalized R was just to highlight the infinitive…:wink:

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Ok I will make suggestions.

I understand there is no Spanish speaker here that oversees the translation, as to pose a general approach. So I’ll leave it here:

I would say that for these menus where brevity is paramount, it makes sense to use a shortened , commonly used, although slightly grammatically incorrect form, based on the infinitive:

Cambiar nombre (instead of 'tu nombre' as in 'your name')
Cambiar correo electrónico


…which as mentioned, is common in apps such as FB, IG and Google (although google emphasizes ‘your’ when referring to ‘your account’ where the space allows it)

I will follow this rationale when making suggestions and when translating untranslated strings.

One last question @texnixe, is there any way to easily find the context in which the string is used? I’m familiar with some of them, but not all.


I’m afraid there isn’t. When in doubt, you would have to do a full-text search for the string in Kirby.

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There are actually many inconsistencies. I guess it is a perk of crowd-translation :woman_shrugging:

For sure.