Panel spanish translation

hi gain, thanks for kirby3 its amazing.

I live in Argentina and I would like to be able to help in the Spanish translation of the panel.

if they are interested, I would need to know how to continue.

We use Transifex:

Translations very welcome!

There’s already a “Spanish (Latin America)” translation with a 69% translated strings. It would be fantastic to get it to 100% with your help.

i have a question.

in the Spanish language, depending on the context, some translations may vary.

there is a formal language and a colloquial (informal) language

I already started to translate the missing text strings, but I see that some translations are translated in formal language and others in informal (colloquial).

We would have to decide which of the forms they want to translate.

for example:

the string “Please enter a valid date”

In Spanish it can be translated in:

formal: Por favor ingrese una fecha valida
informal: Por favor ingresa una fecha valida

the string: “You are not allowed to access the panel”

formal: Usted no tiene permitido ingresar al panel
formal/informal: No tiene permitido ingresar al panel
informal: No tienes permitido ingresar al panel

My recommendation is to use the informal mode of neutral Spanish.
I wait for your decision

Most of the other languages I understand are translated into a neutral to informal mode (apart from French, where the translators preferred the formal way).

So I’d go for neutral/informal.

I completed the es_419 translation. give me some time to make corrections.