Getting better with Panel translations

I’m currently thinking about how to improve our workflow with translators. It’s a huge thing for us that so many of you help us with translations for the Panel and I think we are making your lifes too hard so far. Services like look great, but I don’t have any experience with them so far. Do you have any recommendations, wishes or suggestions? Any feedback is appreciated!

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I tend to agree that the translation process is a bit tedious, but’s still pretty easy to manage by doing a diff between newer and older language files. I noticed there are new English and German strings in the panel on the develop branch, so I’m guessing propagating the new values to the other languages is on your mind right now.

In the same vein as PhraseApp, there’s The team that develops OpenStreetMaps’ iD editor uses Transifex for their UI translations. I think Wordpress uses their own custom built project for string translation.


I’m currently checking out Transifex. Thanks for the recommendation.

I previously used Transifex for an open source project and I confirm that it is a very valuable tool.

I’m super happy to announce that we are now officially on Transifex:
I made a couple tests yesterday and it seems to be exactly what we need. Please join the team and help us translate the upcoming panel versions. You can sign up there with a new account or via Github, Google or LinkedIn. I really hope that this will make it easier for us all to keep the translations up to date and moving faster with new ideas and features.