Translations - Edit the static text translations of your site in your panel

I just published this plugin to github. It allows you to edit your l::set() statements from your panel. Could be useful when you want your client to help you out with the translations without giving them a source file and without having you copy/paste from a spreadsheet into code.

If someone wants to test it out Iโ€™d be grateful. :slight_smile:


Just be sure to make a backup of your php files in site/languages, just in case something goes wrong :wink:


Maybe this could be merged with this Translation Plugin ?

Why should they be merged?

For me it seems, that both cover a different aspect of translations but under the same name.

so either it should be a static-translations-plugin and a translations-plugin or they could be part of one translation plugin

Oh, yes, the names are almost identical, and should probably be renamed to avoid confusion. Both plugins handle completely different aspects, though, so I would not want them to be combined.

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how does Kirby handle two plugins with the same name ?

Well, since you canโ€™t have two folders with the same name in the file system, this wonโ€™t work and you would have to rename one of the folders/files, anyway.

How about renaming your plugin, @rasteiner, as it interferes with the existing Translations plugin by @flokosiol?

Sure, Iโ€™m open to suggestions :slight_smile:

  • static-translations
  • language-table
  • puking-nyancats

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Version 0.1.0 is out.
The update includes the rename to static-translations, better encoding, support for CLI and some bugfixes.