I need to add index.php in order to route my website correctly

when i uploaded the code to the server it started the homepage correctly . But when i press any link , i get 404 not found error. This problem made me crazy until i discovered that i need to add index.php to my url for it to work.
so it will be like that:

how to add this index.php automatically and hide it from the user?
i found some solutions in the web but i don’t want to edit the .htaccess of kirby since i don’t know the security methods here.

I didn’t change any of the system files or the htaccess
please tell me if you need anymore files or description.


Have you uploaded the .htaccess file? If it is not present, upload it.

If it is there, check the following:

  • is mod_rewrite enabled on your server (phpinfo)
  • if so, and the problem persists, you can check if the file is read by adding some nonsense characters to the file; this should then result in a server error message
  • you may have to set the rewrite base in the .htaccess by uncommenting the corresponding line in your .htaccess
  • you may have to AllowOverwrite All in your httpd.conf file

thanks for the quick replay
When i was working locally using Xampp as a server, i didn’t get any of those problems.
i got those problems after i uploaded the website to somee.com
i will try to check the setting and your other solutions than replay to you.

I didn’t find any settings for the php server.
but when i tried to add some random words to the .htaccess . It didn’t react at all.
also when i remove the file itself. no effect
does that mean the .htaccess is not read correctly by the server?
Is this problem connected to somee.com ? or am i missing something here?

Oh, this seems to be a Windows server; Kirby requires Apache or Nginx … See requirement: https://getkirby.com/docs/installation/download

So the .htaccess file will not work as this is specific to Apache servers.

Having said that, you might want to check out this issue on GitHub

I researched and found that i need to use web.config file for windows virtual server
any idea how to create this file for kirby?

There is an example Web.config in the thread I link to above:

See last post in that thread.

thanks , i will check it out

i created the web.config file and the links are fixed . But i have new problem, all the css and images are not loaded correctly.
here is a screenshot

This looks like all requests are now redirected to Kirby, even if the file exists. You might need to add a rule that existing files should be preferred. Please note that we can’t really help with that as Kirby doesn’t officially support IIS.

what are the minimum requirements to run kirby freamwork?
are there any suggestions on the web hosting service providers?

The requirements are listed in the docs.

The easiest would be a hosting provider with Apache, which are most of them. There is a list of good hosting providers for Kirby.

I fixed the problem. everything is working fine now.
i removed the rules one by one to discover the one that blocks the css folder.
surprisingly, none of the rules did block my css. then i removed the the last 2 lines
<staticContent> <mimeMap fileExtension=".woff" mimeType="application/x-font-woff" /> <mimeMap fileExtension=".svg" mimeType="image/svg+xml" /> </staticContent>

i suspect the cause of that was me changing the logo which was .svg file

everything is working fine now. the panel is also working
thanks alot for samuba for providing the web.config file
and for those who replayed to this topic

now , i need to figure out how to pay for a license since i don’t have credit card


Do you have a Paypal account?

i opened one long time ago , but i didn’t know how to charge it
all what i have are my bank account cards
It’s not that easy to get a visa or master card.
where i live , we don’t have prepaid cards (KSA)
It need registrations and fee every year and i am rarely using paid online services.
I think the best solution to ask one of my friends to do it for me.

I think you can use Paypal without a credit card, they draw funds from your bank account.

i will check it out. one of my band account is Samba which i think is an international bank. so , it should be compatible
thanks alot