Noop Problems, Part 1: htaccess

I´m a noop in these Things. I understand HTML and most CSS, but i´m helpless with these Server-Things.

I installes Kirby, copiiez the Files and folders in an subdirectory. Then run index.php
Want to go to the Panel: 404

Documentation said something about the .htaccess File.
The .htaccess File on my Server has just one Line: “php_flag short_open_tag on”

Thats it.

What is needed there? Is there a Kirby-Standard .htaccess?

Thanks und sorry for my noob-questions (maybe there will be some more in the future)

Jan from Hamburg

Yes, there is a .htaccess file that ships with Kirby. You have to copy that to your Kirby project subdirectory.

Hmm, hab ich gemacht. Resultat:

“The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.”

Do all other pages, including subpages work?

Nothing works. I hate this stuff. Its the first step, that doesn’t work.

You might have to set the RewriteBase in Kirby’s .htaccess to the subfolder.

Uncomment this line and change “mysite” to the name of your subfolder:

# RewriteBase /mysite