List of good hosting providers for Kirby


I wonder wether there is already a list of Hosting providers with good service and “compatible” with Kirby? If not, maybe we could set up one sorted by country. I’ll start one here by what I found in the forum already (which is not that much).

Actually I’m looking for a provider in the UK for a client at the moment (and later maybe in Italy too …). I know I could use a provider from anywhere since it’s the Internet, but it is easier for paying and local TLDs.









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In France I use Kirby on shared hosting at OVH. Works perfectly.
On these plans are called "Pro Hosting, and are the cheapest with SSH access.

They are present in many countries, but I have only tested their network from France, and the shared hosting plans I use are not available everywhere. is gold.


I’ve used EZPZ (UK) for a number of client websites.
Good uptime and decent support.


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If you have some experience with setting up and maintaining servers (and also time and resources to do so!), VPS providers like DigitalOcean can be a great choice. They allow you to setup everything like you want, including deployments, custom code etc.

Uberspace is also a great shared hosting provider from Germany. They allow you to do nearly as much as with a VPS (full shell access, but no root access) while maintaining the server for you. Unfortunately they are, well, from Germany and only have German documentation. But if you speak German, I can highly recommend them. The service and team are both very awesome.


I am a huge fan of domainfactory. Great service they have.

For the USA I can recommend A Small Orange. Friendly, knowledgeable chat support. Convenient upgrade process and a good reseller program so I can sandbox parts of my server for my clients.

Edit: I’m actually in Canada, but ASO has a Detroit-based server that performs well for my local area in southern Ontario.

I worked with some shared hosters on the list: The more “boring” is usually the better.

In Germany, Uberspace is a good example for no-bullshit communication (not tested on projects though) and All-Inkl/Domainfactory are known for nerdy but robust services + support.

SSH shouldn’t be hidden in some pro account.

Depending on your client, regional hosters are a plus; you should make sure though, they are nothing but a hosting shop, doing regular updates on standard machines. We had several problems with breaches on small, agency-hosted sites.

The best experience I had so far was definitely using ALL-INKL.

While they might not be the cheapest option, in my experience their shared hosting packages are really fast, responsive + absolutely easy to manage and they have an outstanding support team!

I’ve had good luck with in USA. Good price and they have phone support that is pretty knowledgable and always available.

You can now consider Github as an option with this extension: ;).
Note: the panel has to remain on a server, local or distant.


Servers that are using Varnish Cache might be a problem. My shared hosting did. They have temporarly disabled it now.

Has someone experiences with

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I had used A Small Orange for my clients. according to their experience , they think ASO was awesome in Uptime. You an also read some reviews on them CMSWIKI Blog , Blogging Cage

I’ve had folks recommend Nearly Free Speech as a low cost shared host for low resource sites. Anyone had experience with them recently?


I’ve used A Small Orange (though not for Kirby) and it was great. Right now I have a small Kirby install hosted on Nearly Free Speech and it’s working fine, no issues. I do updates by SFTP rather than Git though, as the Git method adds a lot of extra MB to your install.

I use Site5 and I’m a big fan of their custom back end for multiple domain management and their custom cpanel for each domain. Their support has largely been unneeded, but was responsive when I did ask a question.

My understanding of the company, and what led me to them, was that it was founded by the previous owner/creator of HostGator, who I started having random email related, and other, issues couple years or so after they sold it, and their support seemed on the decline as well.

What about Free Hoster’s?