How to set template for new blog post in Panel


I have a photo-blog subpage which uses template ‘pictures’. The template I use for displaying single pictures is ‘pictures-single’.

But when I want to add a new post in the Panel, the only option as ‘Template’ is ‘Blog Article’, which creates new posts with a ‘picture’ template.

How can I change which template the panel uses for new posts?


The Kirby Panel uses blueprint files to define what templates are allowed as subpages. Have a look at the Kirby Docs for more details:

In your case, you’d have to add this to the blueprint of the page that contains all posts:

    - pictures
    - pictures-single

Thank you very much. For some reason I scrolled by the ‘Templates for subpages’ on the Docs every time I read this page.

I now have it set up like this

pages: pictures-single

so that I don’t even have to choose which template I want. Perfect!