Panel: Add colums and default layout


I am pretty new to Kirby and have two small issues. I am quite sure I read something about it somewhere, but I just cannot find the answer in the docs. It would be great if somebody here could point me to the fitting documentation…

Issue 1:
In the panel I have several hundred blogs. Right now, the panel shows:

‘image’ ‘title’ ‘publish’ ‘…’

Which is fine and working. But I’d love to add more information there like the date of the blog or its tags.


The other this is: How on earth do I set the default-layout (the correct .yml), when I create a blog in that dialog. The GUI suggests every .yml-file I created, but only one is ever correct.

Again, I am sure it’s all in the docs but I just could find it. Thanks for any pointers.

Here is the second screenshot where I’d love to add more information next to the title.


Hey, welcome to the Kirby forum.

The text and info options allow you to customize what is shown in the listing.

  type: pages
  parent: site.find('somepage')
  info: "{{ page.title }} / {{'Y-m-d') }}"

As regards the blueprint to be used, you can do one of two things:

Set the template for the section:

template: article

Or, if the section should show several different types, but you only want to create one type, use the create option:

    type: pages
      - a
      - b
      - c
    create: a

Here the link to the relevant docs:

Thank you very much, it works.

From the docs:

Optional info text setup. Info text is shown on the right (lists) or below (cards) the page title.

To be honest, without you pointing there I wouldn’t have understood this. Actually, I DID read that text, just didn’t see the connection to my problem. Perhaps you could add the info that you can inject info in that line with {{}}

That info is actually already there with examples further down the page:

Für die Nachwelt / for other users reading this:

This is the YAML code of the solution. It works perfectly. Thanks again, @texnixe



    headline: noch nicht öffentlich

    type: pages

    status: draft

    templates: blog

    info: "Autor: {{}}, Datum: {{'d.m.Y') }}"


    headline: öffentlich einsehbar

    type: pages

    status: listed

    templates: blog

    info: "Autor: {{}}, Datum: {{'d.m.Y') }}"