Blog Powered Tutorial .txt Question

hi all!

I went through the ‘Blog Powered’ tutorial but I am having an issue when creating a new post in the panel. The docs say to add the blogarticle.txt file inside the article folder which I have done. When I go and try to make a new post within the Panel, Kirby automatically adds a default.txt file in there which prevents the blog article from showing. I have to manually go into the article folder and add blogarticle.txt to make it work. Am I missing something?



When you create a new page in the panel, you can choose the template that is then being used and in your case you then have to choose your newly defined blogarticle blueprint. Have you defined a blueprint for the blogarticle? If you can’t choose a blueprint at page creation, you have to adapt the subpage settings in the parent blueprint.

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Hi! thank you for responding. No, I did not create the blueprint. I must of missed that! Thank you worked like a charm!!!