Unable to create new page using the panel

I am attempting to implement the blog solution in kirby. To test out my template code I created the blog and article templates and content text files and then uploaded them to the server. The templates worked. I then created blueprints for the blog page and 1st article and uploaded them as well. I was able to then go into the panel and edit the first article and make changes and upload a picture for my blog article and everything works well.

The next step I wanted to test was creating a new blog article via the panel. So I navigate to the blog page on the panel. I can see my first article. I click add new and enter in the information for the blog article page, select the blog article template and hit the add button. A red banner appears at the top of the screen that says β€œThe page file could not be created.” When I check the file manager for the server I can see that a content folder for the new page has been created in the proper place but there is no text file inside the folder. If I refresh the panel the new page shows up in the panel but the template is incorrect (it just displays the standard template). I assume this is because the page files was not created.

I appreciate any insight anyone has to offer!

Sounds as if you don’t have rights to write to the newly created folder. Maybe a problem with ownership of the folder.