Kirby 3 .. How can I change template for Pages?

Just a question, How can I change template for Pages?
I’ve created a blog.yml and article.yml (following this guideline -->samples/blog), but when I create a Blog Page, it always takes the default template, and the option for template change still remain readonly. I assume there is the chence to change it as explained in the guide

Thanks in advance

do you have the matching php files in the template folder as well?

Sure @bnomei, I already have /site/template/blog.php

But I don’t understand the mechanism…

ah. the example in your url above does only setup articles (template: article, at the pages section) but it does not define howto do that with the blog object.
simplest solution would be to create it as default.txt and just rename the file to blog.txt. editing it in panel should work then - if the blog blueprint is right. if not you must post more about that - you might see an error when editing that page in panel.

I did all the steps… created a blog.yml and /sections/article.yml, renamed default.txt under /1_blog/ to blog.txt, and according to your sentence… I got a strange error:

The section “pages” could not be loaded: The blueprint “sections/articles” could not be loaded

but I’m pretty sure that articles.yml under /blueprint/sections still exists :thinking:

my mistake, I did a little error
I can access blog page putting “http://localhost/panel/pages/blog” in the url
but the “blog” page disappear from panel :thinking:

unless you share the blueprints i do not know how to continue helping you.

Thank you so much @bnomei