How to access blueprint? Receiving error "The page "my-page" cannot be found" in panel

Good evening,

I guess this is a total newbiew question and my apologies for that, but I am stuck. In my site/blueprints/pages I have a my-page.yml file with a blueprint in it.

This corresponds to the template in site/templates/my-page.php (content wise, the file is stored in content/services/my-page)

Now when I go to I receive the following error:

The page “my-page” cannot be found

What am I doing wrong?


Because the page is a child of the services page, so the correct link would be 

Thank you @texnixe - and the location and naming of my .yml is correct?

Where would I find this in the docs? I remembered seeing it in a video once but forgot where.


A page blueprint goes into /site/blueprints/pages, yes. But the name of the .yml file is totally up to you, you just have to make sure that you name your template accordingly. And there is no relation between the name of the page folder and the blueprint, of course (just saying, because you named your page my-page like the blueprint)

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