Blueprints Location?

I’m new to Kirby, and everything has seemed very straightforward except for the blueprints. I understand what they do, I just don’t understand where they are located. I initially thought that they were a part of the .txt file within each folder under /content/, but after many failed attempts to add new fields, I’m lost.

I feel that the docs should explain a little more. It shows you what “a typical blueprint looks like”, but fails to mention where it goes.

blueprints are located at /site/blueprints/ which is where you can add new fields etc.
the txt file is being created by the blueprint which tells kirby what template to use.

So basically you need a


To be precise:

when adding the blueprint and selecting it as a template in the panel it’ll create a text file with the same name. Regardless of which you would need a template file or it’ll load default.php

you can check out the cheatsheet, there’s lots of informations for blueprint and fields to get things going easily.


I went through the entire kirby directory, and completely overlooked the /site/ folder. Twice. How embarrassing. Thanks for info!