Gig to fix broken links on personal page

This gig is the last .1% of the process of deploying a project. I am on a fast turnaround and need assistance modifying my source code to correctly point to Kirby generated pages. Here is the initial topic where I broke down the issue. Name a price! Please Help!

Hi Austin,

I’d say it’s less about broken links in particular but about the general server setup. I recommend to start with a shared hosting package that uses Apache under the hood. Then you can use Kirby’s .htaccess out of the box. A custom nginx-based setup can follow later.

Thanks lukas. I’ll try it on apache with Kirby’s .htaccess

Regarding shared hosting services with Apache out of the box, are there hosting services you recommend as plug and play with kirby?

Hi Lukas -

I get the same issue with Apache and the .htaccess provided with the starterkit.

Any insight greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi, I am using their ready to use LAMP configuration (just search on their Marketplace) for a couple of sites: LAMP Hosting | DigitalOcean Marketplace 1-Click App

For Kirby to run (at least with my setup) you need to install couple of PHP extensions:

Other pitfalls - but please double-check those, I am quite new to Digital Ocean - but so far very satisfied (except data privacy from Germany might not like the fact DO is a company from the US - other story)

-enable mod_rewrite: sudo a2enmod rewrite
-restart Apache after certain changes: service apache2 restart
-there are a couple other services which need to restart sometimes (systemctl, service)
-make sure media folder is writable

Hope that helps!

The question is always how much you want to get involved with the server setup and especially also the regular maintenance (regular security updates and configuration updates on software changes). Shared hosting makes sense if you just want to get your site running without having to care about any of this.

Regarding specific recommendations: It depends on where you are from. Kirby will work with basically every shared hosting provider. We recommend to go with SSD hosting for best performance. Also make sure that the provider uses a recent PHP version (8.0+).