Getting my first Kirby site to work on my server

Happy Friday!

I have been building my first Kirby site locally and wanted to upload it to my empty dreamhost server but after some experimentation, chatgpt, and googling I still can’t get my site to appear. I know some html and css, learned a little php from the excellent videos but the server part is a little bit of a roadblock.

Dreamhost has their own custom SFTP tool so I was able to move all the files (including the invisible files) from my mac to the server but all I’m seeing is “Home” in the browser.

This feels like maybe I did everything correct but there may be some configuration I’m missing.

This is what I’m seeing in the browser

What I’m wondering: Is that how the homepage is supposed to look and it’s just a problem of the links to other pages not working?

If that’s the case, you might have to set the RewriteBase in the .htaccess file, i.e. uncomment the line

#RewriteBase /


RewriteBase /

Hello! I attempted to close the case before you responded but couldn’t figure out how. I was able to solve the problem after spending some extra time thinking about how everything is connected.

I think my issue was related to the fact that I was working from the “plainkit” locally but tried to upload and extract those files on my server inside a directory called “shawnpcollins.”

What I did was delete all those files on the server, rename the “plainkit” directory in my local environment to match the one on my server “shawnpcollins” and then did a clean install. And it worked perfectly!

Either it was because the local and server directory names didn’t match or I luckily fixed something else.



ps: I turned the other pages off because it’s a work in progress. So I assume that’s why the links to the other pages aren’t working.

Hm, your folder name on local vs remote should be irrelevant, as long as the domain you use for your remote points to the correct folder. But nonetheless, great that you got it to work!

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