Trouble in nginx server

Sorry for posting this here as it probably doesn’t have anything to do directly with Kirby; but I’m a bit desperate trying to find a solution for that.

I upload my site (which works fine locally) in the client’s server but:

1. None of the images is linked correctly
2. None of the pages – except homepage – works and gives 404 error

I’ve tried editing my .htaccess as this site is in a subfolder, but nothing seems to change it.

Then I realised that the server runs on nginx and found out Kirby needs some configuration changed for it to work properly there.

Do I need to change the nginx config for it to potentially work? Where is this config file usually placed, as I can’t find it via FTP.

Thanks again for the great coverage and help.
Happy holidays!

You already asked on Discord, yes, contacting hosting support would be the way to go.