Footnotes Plugin Not Working

I am using the simpleMDE plugin as well as the columns plugin for my website. I’ve installed the Footnotes Plugin as well. I’ve put it in my plugins field as footnotes like the github page asks but it’s not working within.

When I use:

  <div class="contentwrap">
    <div id="text-wrap">
      <?= $page->text()->footnotes() ?>

It just recalls all of the content. Could my other plugins be messing with it? Or has this plugin not been updated for the most recent Kirby?

The plugin should still work alright. Where did you save it and under what name?

Your folder structure should look like this:


Attached a photo below of how it is set up.

My syntax in the Panel
How it’s coming out on the site:

I also started from this bootstrap kit in case that might affect the plugin.

Hm, I don’t know what could be causing this and can’t reproduce it.

What Kirby version are you using?
What if you use the footnotes plugin in a fresh Kirby Starterkit?

On a side note: The centre tag is deprecated. Using br tags to add margin is not regarded good practice either.