Use the footnotes method on the field - Footnotes Plugin

I would like to use the footnotes plugin. I’m not sure what “Use the footnotes method on the field: $page->text()->footnotes() or $page->text()->ft()” means though. Where would this code go?

Into your template, where you would normally put $page->text()->kirbytext() use $page->text()->footnotes() instead.

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I integrated the footnotes plugin myself just a few days ago. I’d like to point out that $page->text()->footnotes() dit not work properly for me. Footnotes were added, but text was not getting properly formatted.

Including the usual kirbytext helper solved the problem:
$page->text()->kirbytext()->footnotes() worked perfectly.

I’m trying to output the footnotes in a separate div. And I getting the following problem:

Is the plugin installed correctly?

Yes I believe so, the footnotes are working. It’s only when I try to move them

That’s a bit strange, could you reinstall the plugin?

it’s worked but now the images embedded in kirby markdown won’t show

<?= $page->text()->kirbytext()->footnotes(['bibliography' => false]) ?>

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