Kirbytext columns plugin not working

Hi, I’m trying to get the kirbytext columns plugin to work. I’ve downloaded the columns plugin folder and added it to the sites/plugins directory but the parser does not interpret the syntax as expected. It just wraps the content in p tags without any classes. I’m running Kirby 2.1.1. Any suggestions?

Have you entered the closing columns tag like so?


//columns content


Hi Texnie. Yes. I copied and pasted the Markdown directly from the example on github. Could it be something to do with upgrading from Kirby 1 to 2?

Could you please check whether the file is now at site/plugins/columns/columns.php?
No, it can’t be an issue with Kirby 1 as long as the rest of your site works.

Hi Lukas, yes it’s in the right place I think. See attached.

Then the last reason I can think of is that you don’t use Kirbytext in your templates (for example echo $page->text()->kirbytext().

Edit: Your first screenshot shows that you do. So then I don’t really know where to start now.

Thanks for the help guys. I’ve managed to fix it. Not completely sure how. Removed the legacy plugins from the plugin folder then reinstalled both the route Kirby directory and the Columns folder. And suddenly it came to life. Thanks for trying to help.