Kirby columns getting confused?

Has anyone come across an issue when using the kirby columns plugin.?

As an example:
I’ve added a three columns to the page. Below you then add a two column. This then results in a mess of the html getting confused and trying to add them in one block instead of separating them out into the desired three column and followed below by the two.

This happens regardless of the columns you use. If I have a three column then a heading then another three column, it all breaks and doesn’t write out correctly.

If its just me, dam! If anyone else has come across please let me know your solutions.


Are you sure you have added a closing and opening (columns) tag in between? Having multiple instances in the same Kirbytext field should work.

Are you also sure the resulting HTML is actually incorrect? If so, could you please post the exact result you get together with the Kirbytext source code?