File Upload in textarea (markdown) not working

Direct uploading files inside textareas works fine with Kirby 3.1.0 but currently I am using the Markdown Field Plugin ( and the File button works, but it does not work for uploading a file. Is this normal behavior?

This is my blueprint

label: Inhalt
type: markdown
files: true
uploads: true
size: small
  scaling: true
  family: sans-serif
blank: true
counter: false
   - headlines 
     - h4
  - ul 
  - ol
  - file
  - link 
  - pagelink

This does not even seem to have an effect:

files: true
uploads: true

There is already an issue:

Next question (related, but a bit offtopic):

Are there plans to also create a modal for file uploads? Typing a files text within the parenthesis of the file is not that convenient for my non-techie client.

Yes, that will come in 3.2