Place file into the content with a "text:" attribute

When I select a part of a text in a text area, and then click on file, the text is completely replaced with the file name.
For example:
With a file name like: 2016-06-09-un-sedicesimo-corraini-contratto-un16mo-ingl.pdf
and a text: This is the document.
When I want to have the file linked to “document” only, I have to manually add (file:2016-06-09-un-sedicesimo-corraini-contratto-un16mo-ingl.pdf text: document)

I can’t find a way to simplify the process with the files like it’s the case with links and the “Link text” field available when creating the link.

I’ve searched for some plugins as well but with no luck. ;(

Thanks for your help & stay at home.

This is possible with the markdown field:

As far as I can see it doesn’t support the textarea’s upload option.

Many thanks for the quick answer, I’ve spotted that one earlier but it wasn’t clear to me to be the perfect match at first. :slight_smile:

If I have files: true attribute in my blueprint then it shouldn’t be an issue then.

Take care.