Link in text area doesn't appear as text

Hi everyone
I try to add a link inside a textarea (I specifically use the markdown plugin, but it behaves the same as the textarea field).

The problem is that the link doesn’t appear in the html as a link but as a text. in the inspect there is no a tag.

this is how the panel looks like:

and this is the result:

should I write something in the php tag when I call the text to activate the links?
thanks in advance!

Do the other markdown features work? (Bold, Italic, etc.)
How do you call your field in the template?

The other features does not work as well - for example bold just adds “**” before and after but nothing that can be edited through the css.

this is yml:

title: Info

    label: about
    type: fields
        type: markdown

this is the template:

 <div class='about-text'><?= $page->about() ?></div>

You have to call your field with kirbytext() or kt() to convert any kirbytext or markdown to HTML.

 <div class='about-text'><?= $page->about()->kt() ?></div>
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Your’e right - I totally forgot about it
Thank you so much!