Custom button for Textarea


is it possible to register a custom button for the textarea field? From a first look at the components it doesn’t seem so?
The same question would be for the kirby-markdown-field plugin but I can’t use this at all because we work with a custom Kirby installation directory ( …

Thank you,

No, this isn’t possible at the moment. But would be a good candidate for an idea issue:

Thank you, issue is open: :slight_smile:

BTW: Is there any way to deal with the custom directory issue that some plugins have? It is kind of sad to be not able to use certain plugins if your setup relies on a custom Kirby directory.

We are working on it. Kirby 3.0.3 should have brought some improvements, but they might still not cover all cases. It is not that trivial to navigate this area: Plugins shall provide functionality used for the Kirby initialisation, at the same time they might need a fully initialised Kirby instance. We probably have to move to a lot more lazy loading of certain plugin parts.

Thank you, good to know!