Add buttons to textarea toolbar

Is there a way to extend the textarea with additional buttons? I don’t mean additional tags, but basic markdown stuff like #### for h4 or a text link with certain classes already set.

I’ve found that the buttons are defined in panel/src/components/Forms/Toolbar.vue, but no way to extend them from there. Is it possible?

Also, doesn’t really extend the toolbar, but more like replaces a field.

The markdown field plugins has some more options regarding headlines:

But nothing like adding classes in Kirbytags.

For that you would have to create your own custom field, I think.

Why aren’t e.g. h4-h6 exposed? It seems they work, but the buttons aren’t available.

In the plugin, you mean? Or the native textarea field?

In any case, I can only guess, and my guess it that anything headlines above h3 are not frequently used.

No, in the native textarea field.

As I said above, they were probably regarded less important. But there’s a feature idea you can upvote here:

Feel free to add any other features you’d love to see as a new issue. Kirby Kristmas is several times a year…

Alright, thanks!