Custom textarea button not showing

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a custom textarea button. I just used the sample and it doesn’t work.

The plugin correctly appears in the system panel view.

index.js :

window.panel.plugin("adrienpayet/panel-text-comments", {
  textareaButtons: {
    highlight: {
      label: "Highlight",
      icon: "wand",
      click: function () {
        this.command("toggle", "<mark>", "</mark>");
      shortcut: "m",

The blueprint :

        type: textarea
          - highlight

I also declared the plugin in its index.php :


Kirby::plugin('adrienpayet/panel-text-comments', []);

Is there any mistake ?

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The one thing I see that I don’t think is right is that you don’t need window.panel.plugin... which should just be panel.plugin("adrienpayet/panel-text-comments", { etc.

There’s an open bug about textareaButtons because if you use them in more than one textarea field in a single blueprint, it causes the page to endlessly spiral.

I’ve noticed that too.
As soon as I integrate my custom button, my backend freezes

I did it exactly the same way
Any Updates on this one?

The error occurs as soon as more than one text area contains a custom button.
Think that’s a bug.

I was browsing the forum today and found a similar issue, where the Kirby sanitizer needs to be prepared for the custom button.

Maybe it helps someone here: