Image Kirbytext inside of textarea, uploads on parent page

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I’m stuck and not sure, if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is just the way kirby will not work (at least for now).

We’re using a set of subpages templates to create content elements on the subpages parent page. All file uploads go to the parent page. All file selection is done out of the parent page. Work’s great, as long as every file function is done by the templates.

Now, if I have a textarea and set the uploads and select files to page.parent and use a kirbytext for an image or a file, the images or files won’t show up.

Is there a workaround beside of setting als uploads and file selection to the different subpages?

That looks like a bug, the image tag is not inserted with the path to the file atm. If you drag and drop an image from a files section of parent page images, the tag is created correctly with the file path.

As a workaround, you could drag&drop files from a files section until this is fixed.

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Thank you :smile:

This should now be fixed in the develop branch and will be in 3.2.5.

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