Parent images for textareas files

We’ve got a page that should access images from its parent and we have issues setting up the reference for textareas inside structure fields. This is about the files and upload options of the textarea field.

This is our setup. We’d expect Kirby to show the parent page’s images when selecting images inside the textares field but it doesn’t:

    type: textarea
    label: Vorstellung
    size: small
    files: page.parent.images
    uploads: image

While this doesn’t work and displays an empty file select, the same query logic works for a files field on the same page:

    type: files
    label: Foto
    query: page.parent.images
    max: 1

How should this be set up?

Hm, uploading to the parent seems to work when using the query option. Sadly, that is not true for selecting

            type: structure
                type: textarea
                  query: site.find("notes").images # does not work, tried different variations with page.parent etc.
                  parent: site.find("notes") # works and uploads to parent
                  template: textarea-upload