Add file upload to file select field

Hi there,

I am starting to like kirby more and more now that I’m getting familiair with all the terms and names.

The thing that i haven’t managed to tackle yet is adding the file upload functionality to the file select field so that I can select images as well as upload images in the same field or section.

This is a visual represenation of what I would like to have:

Is there anyone on the forum here that has done this or who knows how to pull this off ? Thanks.

Your above code looks more like a section than. a field?

The upload functionality for the files field is only available from Kirby 3.2 which will be released tomorrow.

The setup will be the same as for the textarea field:

okay, thats good to hear.

I update my kirby version and it works perfectly, thanks

Should this be listed somewhere in the docs? I was developing with two different versions of kirby 3, could not figure out why one allowed the files field upload and one did not, and it took me a long time to find that this feature was only added in 3.2.

@ld1 It’s actually in the docs:, we always mark new features with their version number (ok, not in the table property listing…)

You are right. Thanks! Will keep an eye out for that.

And I’ll try to add the missing version information in those tables