Edit page on mobile - Reload page without stopping

When I edit a page on my iPhone, there’s a problem.
It constantly reload the page in a loop without stopping.

How to fix that?

Which version of Kirby are you using? Are you using the same version of the Kirby, the Toolkit and the Panel? Which iOS version are you using? Does it happen with a fresh installation of the starterkit or only on a customized site?

Toolkit version: 2.2.3
Kirby version: 2.2.3
Panel version: 2.2.3

It is with iOS 9.2.1

I started with a fresh Starterkit…and i customized the templates…

Hm, the versions look good.

I can’t reproduce this with a fresh installation of the starterkit. Could you please try if anything changes if you use a Kirby installation without modifications?

Have you also changed anything in the blueprints or added any fields? I don’t think it’s related to iOS, I’m on 9.3 but can’t reproduce your problem.