Unable to save changes after clicking on "Preview" in panel


We run a Kirby 2 site, and the person responsible for adding content found what seems to be a bug:

When editing the content of a page in the panel and clicking on the “preview” button on the left hand side, the changes wont save. The progress bar at the top of the page will slowly fill up, but stop before finishing.
If the preview button is not used, everything seems to work just fine.

Any ideas why this could be happening?

I don’t quite understand, I’m afraid. Do you mean, you click on the preview button and then afterwards you click on save and the page does not save? Do you get any error messages in console?

What version of Kirby is that? I can’t reproduce this …

The preview link opens the page in a new tab, so it shouldn’t affect the Panel at all. Do you maybe have some code that writes files when accessing a page? Maybe it’s only the fact that a page is loaded while editing in the Panel that causes the issue, not necessarily the preview link.