Panel changes live preview

Is it me, or is it not possible to have a live preview of the unsaved changes I’m making to any page?

I want to be able to give my client the option to modify the homepage on production and check if everything looks okay before it gets saved so there won’t get any mistake visible.
Yes, I could actually make a dummy page or provide the client with a staging server but this sounds like a feature which you certainly want in a CMS anyway.

I thought this would be something out of the box with Kirby, feels like I’m missing something obvious.

A preview of unsaved changes is not possible yet. It’s planned for a future release.


Hi @texnixe
If found this out too, just published an issue to the ideas repo.
Great to hear this is something planned for the future!

Thank you

There is already an issue, so I had to close yours. Please upvote the existing one instead.

Hey @texnixe, just looking into previewing changes in kirby and found your answer from 2020. Is there a way in Kirby 4 to preview unsaved changes or any other way to have a preview when editing already published pages? Thanks a lot!

No, this feature is planned but can’t tell when it will be implemented.