Css File for Panel is empty

after hosting the page on the server, the style of the web page works, but not from the panel. The css files from the panel are loaded, but they have no content.
I can also open the panel but simply without style.

What could be the reason?

Thank you and greetings Lothar

Did you upload the media folder to the remote server? Try deleting it from the server, it should be recreated automatically.


yes I have done that several times. The media folder is also created again and again, but always with an empty media/panel/99a345cdf5e5dc02cf40bb11746da4ae/css/style.css file.

Thanks and regards

But the original file (kirby/panel/dist/style.css) exists, has content and is readable?

Ok, nein diese ist auch leer. Werde heute Abend das Projekt nochmals neu hochladen. Lokal funktioniert es.

Vielen Dank

Ok, no, this one is empty too. Will upload the project again tonight. It works locally.

Many Thanks

Yes, now hats worked.
Everything re-uploaded.

Thank you and greetings Lothar