Panel not loading

I’m new to Kirby and was trying to set up a new website with a trial license of the newest Kirby version. By accident I’ve deleted server files (damn Dreamweaver sync) and was not able to open the panel anymore. I then reuploaded the whole kirby-folder. But unfortunately, if I try to open the panel, I only get a white screen. The panel is activated/installed via the site config. Neither it’s a local caching issue. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Benjamin,

I may have a few questions and suggestions.

  1. Which files and folders were deleted?
  2. Have you checked the files in the root directory? (index.php, .htaccess)
  3. Does the website’s homepage open?
  4. And can you test by deleting the /media folder?

Hi Ahmet, thanks for your answer!

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t say which files have been deleted.
  2. index.php and the htaccess-file are available and hasn’t been customized.
  3. I’ve deleted the media-folder. However, I the panel still isn’t loading.

An error in your config.php maybe? Does the frontend work?

When the debug mode is enabled from /site/config/config.php, can you go to the /panel and check for any errors in the browser console?

But the media folder is empty. How can I “reset” the installation of the panel?

I have deleted my whole website and reuploaded kirby from scratch. The panel opens again but asks for a user instead of letting me create a new one. At this point I don’t know what to do anymore…

Delete the contents of the /site/accounts folder, you should then be able to create a new user (if you set Panel installation to true in your config).

Thanks a lot, Sonja!