Create a search function in panel

I need create a search function in the panel for my client because he has a lot of products. I would like to make a custom panel field which is an extension of the multiselect field with a query that shows all my pages. Now i must be able to create a button in this field that links to the selected page in the panel. Is this possible and how should this be done? Thanks for the tips and tricks.

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can you share the code you have ?

To me that sounds like the search function of the multiselect field combined with a pages field? I think if you analyze existing plugins, that should give you a start.

Is it possible to jump to a specific page in the panel when i have a uid/uri like (‘products/product-a’ ). And what would the code be to reach this?

@texnixe, do you think the above is possible in the panel? $field->toPage()->url() or something like this? Would this link to the correct page in the panel?

You should be able to use $field->page()->panelUrl() to link to the correct page in the Panel.

@kmajort in the panel you can use the vue router this.$router (examples)

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