Is there a search-select field?


I would like to find a page and select it but not by writing the uid like in the page field. What I have in mind is like the panel search is doing, way more flexible using keywords.

Do this already exist ?

One option:

Thanks for that, but what I want is not to click in a static list but to find one page among lots of others.

I’m currently working on a project with thousands of pages.

I made a gif to show what I have in mind :


There are javascript plugins available for this kind of sorting, like: , but there isn’t a port for Kirby (yet) :).

Yes, I got that, but both plugins do have a search to narrow down on results as you type (and as far as I could see, they both don’t show a long list of thousands of pages)

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Thank you, I didn’t look into it with enough attention !