Create a specific users search engine in the panel


I would like to create a web application with Kirby using the panel only.
It’s a small application and the Kirby panel has all the functionalities I need except one.

I need to create a specific users search engine to filter users corresponding to different criteria. So basically I need to create in the panel a page with four drop-down menu which store four types of criteria (corresponding to four user fields) and a button “Search”. When the user admin choose its criteria and click on the Search button, the page is refreshed and display a list of users corresponding to the criteria.

Do you think I can do this in the panel ? If yes, what would be your solution ?
Create a panel view plugin ?

Thanks for your advices :slight_smile:

I’d create a custom Panel view based on the users view.

I built something similar before based on a custom users view, as @pixelijn suggested. It wasn’t terribly complicated and based on vue-good-table. It has a built-in search function (live) and column sorting.

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Thanks for your answers, I try to understand how panel view works with the documentation but I’m not very familiar with Vuejs …