Add pagination to panel search

I’m wondering why the panel search results are limited to 10. The k-collection component supports the pagination. Sure, I can enter a more specific keyword but in some cases this is not possible and I want all results being shown in the dialog. This would be definitely a feature for upcoming releases.

At the moment I override the site area searches with a custom function in a plugin to show more results. Can anybody tell me, how and I can modify the Vue and config files which are responsible for the search dialog to add the pagination? This can’t be a big deal.

Thank you

The limit is hard coded in the php search files for the areas:

  • kirby/config/areas/site/searches.php
  • kirby/config/areas/users/searches.php

See also: Panel areas | Kirby CMS

You can create a feature suggestion over at if it hasn’t been requested yet.