Panel : Searching/filtering subpages

Is there any kind of extension to have searching or filtering of subpages in the Panel? I have a parent folder which contains quite a bit of subpages, being able to filter would be great.

In the sidebar or in a field?

In the sidebar, but I am also using this extension to show them in the main area. Would love a dropdown to filter by subpage’s field value (tag) or free text search.

In the sidebar, there is no search/filter function available at the moment, you would have to use the general search function to find a particular page.

As regards the plugin, I can imagine that it could be extended with a filter function.

i am using the kirby panel search quiet often.

maybe it could be extended by @bastianallgeier to search by tags (or fields in general). like something the mac app dash does with docset keywords?

so we could enter in the searchbar:
myfield: some search params

or provide a standalone search view where filters can be added.

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It’s a great idea to extend it and make it smarter. I think searching by field makes sense. Mabye we can find other obvious “commands” or a syntax to search the current subpages. Maybe

this: Some search 

Too nerdy? I’m definitely open for suggestions.

I like how GitHub does it. “This repository” is preselected in the search bar and you can remove it do do a global search using backspace.

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@lukasbestle: I don’t really think that is very intuitive.

maybe get some inspiration from: