Checkbox value for different languages

I’ve got a problem with checkboxes for translated pages showing the wrong value/state. It’s a bit hard for me to explain, so here is what I’ve done to verify it …

Toolkit version: 2.3.2
Kirby version: 2.3.2
Panel version: 2.3.2
  • Added a checkbox field to site/blueprints/default.yml
  label: Test
  type: checkbox
  text: This is just a test
  • Created a page (default language is EN), checked the checkbox and saved it
  • Switched language to (so far not existing) german translation, unchecked the checkbox (as inherited from the default language) and then saved the german version for the first time.

Strange result

  • The value in the german text file is 0 (as expected)
  • The checkbox in the panel for the german page is checked (as not expected)

If I switch back to the default language (EN), uncheck the checkbox and switch back to german, the checkbox is also unchecked.

This sounds a bit buggy, I’ll try to reproduce this.

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Hi Flo, I can reproduce this issue. I tested this with about 3 different versions of Kirby now, and I always get the same result.

Thanks for the super quick reply. I tried to log out and re-login to the panel. But the error still occured.

I’m using checkboxes for quite some time and never ran into this issue before. This is what really makes me wonder :smile:

I couldn’t find an issue on Github for this. Should I create one, @texnixe? A working checkbox is necessary to use the “up to date” feature for my plugin correctly … :confused:

Yes, please do! (and some more characters)

Alright. Done.