Builder bug with multilang translation

Hi there,

My client and i just found a very scary bug: I´m using Kirby 3.2.2 and Tim Öttings kirby-builder with a multi-language setup (EN & DE).
Sometimes when i change the language in the panel and enter new content, the whole translation for the page changes.
For example: I have got a page with a lot of content and most of it are builder elements. One Translation is German, the other one is English and so far everything is ok. Now i add a new Builder Element to the page and after saving both Translations become German or English. But so far only the Builder Elements change their translation, not regular Fields.
It is as if sometimes when i change the language, the page content stays german or english even though the language button clearly changed.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?
Thank you very much in advance!

Did this only come up after updating to Kirby 3.2.2?
Does this only happen when the field has lots of content?
Does it only happen sometimes or are there any reproducibly steps?

Hard to tell whether this is a bug in the plugin or in Kirby.

Hi texnixe,

  • It also happend in previous versions of Kirby. Now i am at 3.2.3-rc.1, before that i used 3.2.2 and 3.1.4
  • It also happens when there is very little content in the builder field
  • I can reproduce it like 80% of the time.

Should i send you the blueprint code?
Is it possible that the language switch in the panel is not happening constantly and therefore i am saving the previous content?
The bug is overwriting the current content with the language content. EN -> DE and EN <- DE.
So i don´t think it has something to do with default language fallback.

I can’t answer this question but I would assume that if the language switch didn’t work, then other fields should be affected as well. As I said above, the first thing to find out is what is causing this behavior, the plugin or the core or another plugin that interferes.

Ok, i will try to single out the issue and get back to you.
Thank you so far!

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If you use other plugins, try to test without them (if that’s possible). You could also send me your blueprint, maybe with some example content