Kirby Builder multi-lang issues

Hi there,

i use the kirby builder from @timoetting. When i enable multi-lang inside my config-file, the updating process inside the Kirby Builder Fields doesn’t work, when switching between (for example German and English) But when i open the Page, multi-lang is working…

How can i solve the issue? Is that a kirby builder bug?

Thanks for your help…

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Hey @Niklas_X, I have the same problem. It looks to me as if the content is only pulled into the builder components from the “database” .txt files on initial load of a panel edit mode and not when you switch the language. There might be an easy fix by adding another event hook, but the correct handler/method is probably hidden somewhere in the compiled .vue app Javascript files.

I’m using a workaround for the time being: just reload the panel page after changing the language.


Stupid and long way
  • manually create translated .txt files for your languages, if they don’t exist yet
  • open page A in the panel, edit your builder blocks in one language (e.g. German) and save
  • navigate to any other page (let’s call it page B) in the panel and change the language (e.g. to English)
  • navigate back to page A in the panel, edit the correctly loaded blocks in the now active language (English) and save

It’s a bit tedious, but it works. :crossed_fingers:t2: