Kirby Builder / multilanguage issues (uid?)

Hi there,

were launching a multilanguage site with kirby and kirby builder and experiencing some weird issues with translated blocks in our panel.

For example:
We create a new page and add the content (with blocks), save the page. Then we edit the translation of this page and save it. If we now use the language switch to edit the two contents, regardless of our language selection, either completely German or English contents are loaded into the builder.
When looking at the .txt files, it was noticeable that the _uids of the blocks are identical. It seems that the initial “duplicating” the content for the preparation of the first translation, which also duplicates _uids …
If we completely rebuild the pages for each language, we have no problems with _uids - instead, days of copy and paste on the agenda.

Any hints on this?

A change to the new layouts / blocks is unfortunately not possible because we use nested blocks with sections / rows / columns - which currently cannot be recreated with layouts / blocks as a panel that can be edited on a page (without modal)

Is this a new issue that only came up with the Kirby 3.5 or a general problem? I’m not so sure regarding the compatibility of the builder field with Kirby 3.5.

Hey there,

sorry for being late …

I guess it’s some kind if problem related to 3.5 with kirby builder. We’re trying to replace builder with layout. But to be honest, more complex/individual layouts are way easier to build and maintain with the old builder than with the new layouts – we’re really missing some kind of wrapper for layouts to migrate …

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