Language fallback trouble

Okay, I just start right of:

Site has multiple languages, german being the default one. Translating stuff via panel works: Default language is filled into panel fields automatically. Rewriting pages in other language i. e. translating works as well. So far, so good…

However: When deleting content from a translated site in the panel, that fields gets re-filled with the default language’s fallback value again. But I don’t want the panel to do that and I think that’s pretty uncool in general as well :fearful:

Browsing through the forum I haven’t found this issue. Is there a way to prevent Kirby from doing this? Or even to totally stop the panel from getting content from the default language. (So that the editor has to write the content for each language without a fallback seperately.) Dunno… You guys know what I mean? :wink:

But it seems that the content is not saved to the text file and only shows up in the panel after saving the deleted fields.

Still, it is quite irritating indeed. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a hidden function that prevents this behavior, but if there isn’t this is a topic for a feature request on Github, at least an optional one.

Aye, that’s what I meant. Didn’t knew this behavior, an editor discovered it while doing content today. Yeah, will probably be writing a ticket on GitHub (soon) :card_index:

As far as I can say, this might not be a panel problem. I use an en/de setup on my site, but I don’t use the panel. Whenever I delete a german translation of a field in the german markdown-file, kirby just fills in the english content of the field when viewing the page in german.

@mauricehh Oh, I thought that only happened when the language file does not exist at all. That’s interesting. But at least you can prevent this behavior by filtering content in your templates.